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I will join with Set Free After-Care Ministry to expand the number of After-Care houses in order to
reach more men and give them “the least of these”, a second chance at life.


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$300 give an inmate without a family the opportunity to be released / will restore an inmate
back to society in time for the holidays and a home at SFAC

$600 will sponsor a resident for one month or get 2 released from prison.

$850 will sponsor a resident with Electronic Monitor Device

$1000 will allow 3 inmates a chance to be released and come to SFAC

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Set Free After-Care Ministry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nondenominational Christian organization.
Your gifts and donationsare deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
See your professional tax advisor for details and eligibility requirements.

Thank-You for your support of this ministry

Tom Allanson, Executive Director, 3482 Keith Bridge Road, Box 108. Cumming, GA. 30041

0ffice 770-889-0686
  Cell 678-231-2324

Email: tla102589@comcast.net web. www.setfreeafter-care.org

Getting out of prison today is like jumping off a 10 story building & landing on a tightrope...Set Free After-Care is the net that catches you and saves you from the sharks!
Set Free After-Care Ministry, Monroe GA